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Getting your home ready to show

Updated: Jan 9, 2020

When it comes time to sell your home; you will want to sell your home as smooth and quick as possible. Keep in mind that there are some things that should be addressed in order to have the best transaction possible. You will be asked to complete a “Seller’s Property Disclosure”. This form is based on the seller’s current actual knowledge of the property. It asks about the working condition of different appliances, the electrical system, heating and cooling, water systems, environmental conditions, structural conditions and other disclosures. It is not required that you make repairs to the items on the property, but you must disclose the condition. It is a good idea to start thinking about items that you are willing to fix in order to make the sale. It is also important to note that certain types of financing (VA, FHA) and some lenders have specific standard for the condition of a home in which they will allow a new mortgage.

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